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American Towman Magazine Presents the Week in TowingJuly 17 - July 23, 2019

Flawless Wrap Job at Big Boys

illus-banner 5c914By George L. Nitti

With the purchase of a tow truck, the opportunity for artistic excellence is potentially in the making. That was the case when Big Boys Towing and Recovery in Eureka, Mo., purchased their 2013 Freightliner with a 16-ton Century 3212 integrated wrecker.

"This truck had the space, giving us more 'canvas' to work with," said Big Boys' owner, Dan Wojcikowski.

Drawing on the talents of John and Joe Duever of Vinyl Images, they went to work coming up with a design incorporating the American Flag and their unique logo. The result: a flawless wrap that is eye candy for all.

"When we first bought the truck it was completely red," said Wojcikowski. "Now you can't see any red, as the amazing work done by Vinyl Images included doing all of the jambs and taking off the doors in order to execute the design."

Two elements particularly stand out. First, the American Flag, as it is blown up in size with the stars and stripes draped across the front and back end. It's artistically rendered almost as an etching.

The other element that stands out is the company logo, written in large yellow letters with a black background. The arrangement of the name Big Boys is particularly noteworthy, as part of the name is written on a slant while being pulled up by a tow chain.

You will also find their logo on the roof of the unit.

"During many recoveries there is a helicopter at the scene," Wojcikowski said. "It's free TV time for us when they are recording an accident. It also lets people see that we are out there."

The name Big Boys, which has been in business for five years, was named after the two owners who are big guys themselves. They were throwing names against the wall, looking for one to stick.

"When we hit upon Big Boys," said Wojcikowski, "I knew we had the right name for our company."

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A Classic with Outstanding Pinstripes

0 7203fBy George L. Nitti

Herring Motor Co. of Somerset, Pennsylvania, has been in business a very long time, operating several trucking-related businesses spanning four generations.

At one point in time, the company served as a distributor/dealership of the Marmon Motor Co., which was a low-production, handmade truck sometimes referred to as "the Rolls-Royce of trucks." However, due to an overcrowded American truck industry and the lack of a nationwide sales network, the last Marmon was made in 1997.

Fortunately, Herring collected a number of Marmons over the life of the motor company and is still using them in their towing and recovery units, including their sprawling, classic 1989 Marmon/Century 5230.

"Over the years we sold a lot of glider kits," said owner Pat Herring, "which included the truck frame, the hood, cab and the sleeper while the other components were added later."

In the vein of their other trucks, this one is painted red, and carries a couple of distinctive features: the classic Herring Motor lettering on the side of the sleeper and the superlative pinstriping done by Casey Kennel of nearby Paint Chops.

On the sleeper, the company name stands out in super-large white lettering like on a billboard. The lettering itself recalls another era, further distinguishing it while its phone number and address sit underneath.

As for the pinstriping, Kennel prides himself as a master pinstriper of East and West Coast new and old school style ... since 1974.

"We have always used pinstriping on our trucks," Herring Manager Ernie Devine said. "The way he (Kennel) sponges it on is old school. He puts paint on a sponge and sponges it on. The paint is real thick."

The lines are done in colorful pink around the unit for a pleasing aesthetic with a timeless feel.

In the world of design, it's the little things that matter next to a name that is bold.

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