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American Towman Magazine Presents the Week in TowingNovember 07 - November 13, 2018

Roaming the Rugged Roads of St. John

0-IMG 4273 dbd37By George Nitti

On St. John in the Virgin Islands, there is no doubt the roads are hard on cars. They say that 30,000 St. John miles is comparable to driving 60,000 miles stateside. The terrain is rugged, the hills are steep, bringing you slowly up peaks and plummeting down, twisting and turning along the way, feeling as if you are on a roller-coaster ride.

On this island of only 19 square miles, you will find many hairpin turns and rocky and washed out roads that help promote the rapid wear and tear on your car. With that track record, you can bet there is a tow truck somewhere in the vicinity such as the one we recently discovered: a black and red 1999 GMC 6500/Century 602 with a Century 6500 wheel lift.

There is no company name on the side of the truck; simply a phone number on the boom and on the back of the cab.

According to the truck's owner, Dwight Stone, "I let my reputation speak for itself. The key is trying to get along with people and being fair and honest. On this island, it is word of mouth and it spreads if you are good."

Of course, this truck had more going on than a neatly written red phone number against its black boom. It also had a simple, modern design, custom painted by Stone himself.

"I'm a body man by trade," he said. "I've always liked restoring and customizing cars. I painted this truck."

Stone maintained that the St. John weather is hard on black vehicles and is part of the reason he added the red paint to this unit.

"I bought it off of eBay as an all-black truck," Stone said. "When we get rain, the vegetation grows out onto the road and scratches the truck. Black shows more scratches than red."

His custom-painted design integrates well across the unit, beginning with an all-black hood. Along the side, the red paint melds with the black and the colors interlock. As the black and red merge across the two customized compartments on each side, eventually the paint job transforms to all red towards the back of the truck.

There's also black and red on the grill and a tribal silver design on the back mudguards, helping to coordinate this color scheme.

Even in paradise, like St. John, you have to prepare for the roads.

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Towing In Tribute to a Friend

0 06a19By George L. Nitti

When it comes to exhibiting a professional image in the towing industry, LW's Towing of Frisco, Texas, is at the top of their game.

Owner Larry Haynie—who has been in business for 38 years and who was one of the first certified WreckMasters—said, "It's all about image. When I first started out, towers didn't care about appearances and I wanted to change that."

In keeping with his mission, Haynie has assembled one of the most attractive fleets of tow trucks anywhere in the country.

The units, custom painted by Texas Wrecker Sales, often have a motif of checkered patterns and vibrant colors. However, one of their latest acquisitions, a 2019 Kenworth T270/Vulcan 19 Series LCG, departs from that theme.

This unique unit, a first-place winner in the Carrier Class at Tow Expo-Dallas in August, is a tribute truck to a fallen police officer named Jerry Walker. Walker was killed in a shootout in January 2017.

"He was a personal friend of mine, a detective in the town of Little Elm, Texas," Haynie said. "The bullet ricocheted off the ground and hit him in the chest."

The centerpiece of the unit is the tribute to Walker, found on the center of the hood. An eagle is depicted holding a badge that contains Walker's badge number, 633. That number is also designated as the truck's number.

Adding to the tribute, also on the hood, is the Flag of the Fallen Officers, where a rich blue background and gray stars are impeccably rendered. On the side of the unit are stripes of gray and blue.

On both sides of the back pillars the badge number is reiterated with the time and date of Walker's end of watch.

Law enforcement, which comprises the biggest part of the company's business, appreciates the tribute and the relationship they have formed with LW's.

"We tow for law enforcement," Haynie said. "To show courtesy, we carry ice chests in the units, giving water out to both customers and police officers.

"When people are on the side of the road, their world comes to an end. We show them compassion."

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