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American Towman Magazine Presents the Week in TowingNovember 07 - November 13, 2018

Goin' Mobile

0 ae78aBy Jim "Buck" Sorrenti

Johnson's Wrecker Service, based in Orlando, Florida, has been a family business since 1967. Darrell Johnson Sr., the owner and driving force of the company, and his wife, Jackie, have been working together from day one. Their four children are actively involved in the business.

Darrell, a legend and elder statesman in the towing industry, is one of the original seven men who founded the Professional Wrecker Operations of Florida in 1971.

On April 15, 2018, at around 12:30 p.m., the Orlando Police Department called requesting Johnson's respond to an RV wreck.

Johnson's dispatched heavy operator Tom Simpson Jr., who went out in their 2007 Peterbilt/Century 1075 75-ton rotator. Operator Jason Campbell responded in a 2004 Kenworth/Century 9055 50-ton integrated heavy and Simpson's son David went out in a light-duty 2008 Sterling/Century 8-ton.

They found the RV with its windshield and front-end smashed and the attached SUV on the other side of a chain-link fence.

"An elderly couple was driving down the 417 South of Lake Nona when the right front tire of their RV motorhome blew out, causing them to veer off the road (and go) through a chain-link fence ... hitting a light pole and going into the woods, stopping just before they went into the lake," Tom said.

Tom staged the Century 1075 rotator sideways to the RV. Jason positioned the Century 9055 heavy with its business end at the front to recover the RV.

They rigged the RV with two heavy-duty yellow recovery straps over its roof attached to two lines from the 1075. A line from the 9055 was run to the front of the RV.

Working in tandem, the 1075 and 9055 pulled it up out of the brush as one of the crew, in the RV driver's seat, steered towards the opening in the fence.

David, using the Century 8-ton light-duty, rigged to the back of the Buick SUV that had been attached to the motorhome and winched it out. The elderly couple was able to drive the SUV away.

The RV was secured to the 9055 and towed to Johnson's impound yard.

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