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American Towman Magazine Presents the Week in TowingFebruary 21 - February 27, 2018

Make a Minor Adjustment in Your Approach

Juggler 2 83242By Don G. Archer

I remember the first 10 times I failed at juggling.

I was 17 years old, and at a Christmas party with friends. We were all watching as one of the other partygoers entertained us with her juggling skills, and she was amazing.

She made it look easy. So easy, we all wanted to try.

I waited my turn, and watched as others tried and failed. Finally, it was my chance.

In an attempt to recreate what I'd seen her do, I tossed the balls into the air, and tried my best to catch them and keep them going—but I didn't catch any.

I must have looked like a dysfunctional windmill, flailing my arms trying to make the balls do what they were supposed to. But it didn't work; they just fell to the floor and rolled away.

I tried again and again, and was about to give up on my chances at ever becoming a circus entertainer, until the expert stepped in and showed me what I was doing wrong.

It seems I was trying too hard.

What I was doing was trying to catch all the balls at the same time. She stopped me and said I needed to make one minor adjustment. Instead of trying to catch all the balls at the same time, I should concentrate on catching one ball at a time, then catch the next one and the next one.

With this new piece of information, I tried it a few times and it worked.

Once I slowed down, it was simple. I was able to juggle.

You're probably too busy juggling the demands of daily life to learn a new circus act. But what if you could make one small adjustment in your business that would aid in bringing more customers into the fold?

A considerable amount of drivers believe that it is important to have a relationship with someone they can trust. If that is the case, then we stand to benefit from the fact that drivers want a company they can depend on when they need of our services.

People trust people, not companies. One way to get more customers to trust you is to make a minor adjustment and let them know that you understand their reservations and concerns about using the services you provide. One little tweak might be all it takes to sway them, because when you are open and authentic you attract people to you.

Think about how you are around your friends and the people you love being around the most. Are they stiff and uptight and only talk about business? Do they constantly want to argue? Or do they entertain you with stories and tell jokes, hoping to get a laugh out of you?

Some towers believe that, because this is the towing business, you must be a dyed-in-the-wool professional at all times. If not, people won't trust you.

While you must project professionalism when providing services, you can still do that while adding a little levity and being authentic with your customers. They're out there looking for someone they can trust, so why not open the door?

One small adjustment you can make is with social media. If you're constantly posting pictures about your trucks and the recoveries you've performed, you might want to add a little something to the mix.

Try posting images, articles, and videos that YOU find entertaining outside of work. If you find it entertaining, many others probably will as well. When they make that connection with you and possibly share your post, they begin to feel like you are part of their "tribe."

You may find it difficult to juggle the demands of business while keeping up with your Facebook feed; but one small adjustment in your approach can aid in attracting the attention of the people who are looking for someone to trust.

(The article originally appeared in the Dec. 7, 2016 edition of Tow Industry Week)

American Towman Field Editor-Midwest Don G. Archer is also a multi-published author, educator and speaker helping others to build and start successful towing businesses around the country at Don and his wife, Brenda, formerly owned and operated Broadway Wrecker in Jefferson City, Mo. E-mail him direct at
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