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Three body manufacturers will give live demos in Las Vegas
Recovering over 50,000-lbs. from a 70-percent grade driveway
Markets Class 8 chassis in U.S. for first time
Tow company says contract was arbitrarily cancelled
SDR Towing has interesting design of decals on trucks
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May 9-11, 2018
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August 16-18, 2018
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In his seminar, “Using Technology to Reduce Liability,” Daniel Young of U.S. Fleet Tracking will illustrate how problems can be avoided with the proper technology. He will show what to look for in a vendor as it relates to GPS tracking and dash cams, reviewing the pros and cons of each and how proper research can help reduce liability and cost. This informative Management Conference seminar will occur during Tow Industry Week, May 9-12 at the South Point Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. Register today!
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American Towman Magazine Presents the Week in TowingApril 25 - May 01, 2018
Jerr-Dan, Miller Industries and NRC Industries will present live recovery demonstrations at the American Towman ShowPlace during Tow Industry Week in Las Vegas, Nevada, set for May 9-12.

Demos Highlight AT ShowPlace

Three live recovery demos will take place at the American Towman ShowPlace during Tow Industry Week in Las Vegas, Nevada, from May 9-12.

All of the live demos will be held in the South Point casino's air-conditioned arena, and are free to attend with an AT ShowPlace-Las Vegas badge. As the South Point Arena is known internationally as the best equestrian facility in America, a steel horse or two might be on hand among the big booms and rotators.

The schedule for the recovery demos is: Jerr-Dan on May 9 at 6 p.m.; Miller Industries on May 10 at 5 p.m.; and NRC on May 11 at 11 a.m.

Attendees will want to arrive early to get the best seats to view the informative live recovery demonstrations from the three innovative tow body manufacturers. Register today at

Source: AT Staff.

Towman Fed Up [b]with Trash

The only tow company hired to remove abandoned or derelict vehicles off the streets in Oahu, Hawaii, said its drivers don't want to tow certain vehicles because of what is in them: bulky trash.

Albert Ternora, owner of Albert's Towing, said he's overwhelmed.

"I gotta bribe my workers, 'Hey, empty the car out.' 'Oh boss, we don't wanna do that. There's something in the car we don't want!'," Tenora stated.

The problem grew so bad, Ternora had to rent a dumpster.

"I dispose roughly 2 to 3 of these dumpsters weekly. It's costing me about $600 each dumpster," said Ternora.

Dumping the trash is slowing down the pick-up process, leaving abandoned cars stuck on the roadways often, for weeks.

According to Ternora, his contract with the city stipulates that his company picks up 150 abandoned or derelict vehicles monthly. But his employees are picking up closer to 500 vehicles every month.

Picking up trash is not in his contract with the city. Workers find anything from jet skis, mattresses, couches, and other hazardous materials.

"I find everything, but money," Ternora said.


Breen Bros. Towing Suing NYPD

A Staten Island, New York, towing company that was cited in a car-hauling scandal is fighting back.

Breen Bros. Towing had a contract with the New York Police Department canceled after the Manhattan DA found illegal strong-arm tactics and corruption in a bid process for the city's towing market. But Breen says it had no role or knowledge of the scandal.

"Through 40 years of service on Staten Island, it was the ultimate goal," Patricia Breen said of the NYPD contract. "We didn't see it coming. We're not involved in any of the goings-on elsewhere."

Breen, who founded the company in Staten Island with her late husband in 1976, was shocked to learn the NYPD nixed her five-year contract after nine months of hauling cars off Staten Island expressways.

The suit against the city and the NYPD argued that the decision was arbitrary and the NYPD failed to properly notify it. Breen's suit argues it was unfairly punished when the NYPD canceled contracts under the bid.


First Talbert Trailer [b]Displayed at MATS

The American Historical Truck Society exhibited the first trailer ever produced by Talbert Manufacturing at the Mid-America Trucking Show in March. The 80-year-old unit was on display in the society's booth.

Troy Geisler, Talbert VP of sales and marketing, shared the history of the trailer and innovations the company and its founder, Austin Talbert, have pioneered since 1938.

"Talbert has been developing heavy-haul solutions for 80 years, and this event was a great way to recognize how Austin and his inventions helped shape the industry," Geisler said.

"Our mission is to preserve the history of the trucking industry and the innovations that have brought it to where it is today," added Mark Schroyer, ATHS VP.


ESTRA Scholarship [b]Deadline is May 15

The Empire State Towing & Recovery Association of New York announced in a press release that its scholarship application deadline is May 15.

Eligibility of applicants hinges on a direct relationship with ESTRA, maintaining an acceptable grade point average and completion of the application. Further details are included in the application itself.

The recipient of the scholarship will be announced at the awards ceremony of ESTRA's annual Tow Show in Lake George, June 1-3. Go to the ESTRA website for more details and an application.

Those wanting to make a donation to the Scholarship Fund can send a check, made payable to ESTRA Educational Scholarship Fund, to 690 Saratoga Road #185, Burnt Hills, NY 12027.


Older Cars May Increase [b]Summer Tows

A new analysis of AAA roadside data shows that vehicles 10 years old and older are twice as likely to end up stranded on the side of the road compared to newer vehicles.

As a result, AAA said the odds of needing a tow quadruples.

"It's no surprise that older vehicles are more likely to encounter a serious breakdown, but it is surprising just how many people are at risk," said John Nielsen, AAA's managing director of Automotive Engineering and Repair.

"All vehicles – even the newest ones – are prone to typical roadside headaches like dead batteries, flat tires and misplaced keys, but vehicles 10 years and older are four times more likely to encounter a problem serious enough to require a tow to a repair facility," he continued.

More than half of cars on the road are aged 10 years or older, according to AAA. AAA expects to rescue 7.7 million drivers at the roadside this summer.

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